Center for Environmental Studies and Management

  Since its establishment in 1996, the Center for Environmental Studies and Management (CESM) continues to be one of the leading consulting firm in environmental studies and management and related disciplines in the Philippines.

  Our core offerings include consultancy, advisory, management, to research services on environmental and natural resources studies, compliance, and technologies as well as institutional and capability development, project impacts and risks assessments, among other services.

  We provide relevant, innovative, and ecologically sensitive management tools that will help our clients realize their objectives and maximize their success.

  CESM ensures quality service while forging and promoting partnerships and alliances among the industry, government, private sector, and civil society to work individually and collectively toward finding solutions to current environmental problems and to foster sustainable living.

We are Home to Experts

  CESM's powerful lineup of principals and associates has devoted years of their professional life to the development of environment and natural resources management and institution building in the country. Each has extensive experience working in the government and the private sector, encompassing an array of expertise on environmental impact/risk assessment, geology, soil science, hydrology, hydrography, oceanography, air quality, water quality, marine ecology, freshwater biology, forestry, wildlife, agricultural science, land-use planning and management, solid wastes assessment and disposal, waste minimization and environmental engineering, institutional development, policy studies and development, capacity building, among other fields.